Monday, October 4, 2010

Why hello, Martha Stewart! Where have YOU been all my life?

While stopping in the local Barnes and Noble (to casually beg my old boss to hire me back at the cafe department so I can make some extra money for Christmas), I went into the cooking section to browse the books on cakes and cookies.  Well, thinking I wouldn't find any cupcake books that I liked, POW! Martha Stewart showed up. Martha Stewart's Cupcakes is FULL with awesome cupcake ideas, not really geared toward making cool designs with frosting or making artistic creations, which I'm definitely interested in, but it DOES have all these awesome recipes for the actual cake part of cupcakes.  And quite frankly, while cupcakes are a very creative way to express your artistic abilities, the cake is just as important!  So for the first cupcake challenge, I will be making *drumroll* peanut butter filled chocolate cupcakes.  Doesn't that just make your sweet tooth giggle with joy? Maybe it's just me.

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